Those Darlins

We started out our Seattle day with an in-store at Easy Street Records. I have to say that is one badass record store. Not only do they have an awesome collection of vinyl (and cds) and an amazing space, they are as nice and cool as can be. We had a really fun time playing, thanks to everyone who came out. Make sure you keep supporting this awesome record store… And thanks to Easy Street for hooking us up majorly in the music department. At this point in the tour we had listened to everything we had 500 times. And all the vinyl made it home safely!

The day after the show we went to a park near where we stayed, it was right on the waterfront and a great sunny, windy day. (Sunny in Seattle? Never before have i witnessed this phenomenon) Spent some time playing wiffleball, although I believe it was a hilariously hungover display of athleticism. We’ve definitely had better WIFF days. And we saw Gary Busey as we left the park! 

  1. reallowvibe said: Thank you for coming over to West Seattle to play at Easy Street! I hadn’t seen you all since yr New Orleans show, and to see you play an in-store in our own backyard was fantastic. See you back in SEA soon?
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